Find a Vendor World Wide

My Global florist aims to gather all the flower shops around the world in one website only as a platform to make it easier for the customer to find a florist and at the same time a florist to reach the right customer to arrange the flower or gift needs. My global florist is a benefit for both customers and florists worldwide.


We, My Global Florist, took the opportunity to be the first one in the Philippines to do this service and we are operating internationally because we wanted to connect the gap geographically between two people around the world. We make it possible to express love, feelings, or affection through tangible way without hassle and inexpensive way. Because customers are now able to find a florist near or exact to the location of his/her recipients, whether he/she is in the U.S and the other one is in the Philippines, which cut the cost in delivery and customers don’t have to spend large amount at shipping fee.


It’s easy to place an order with us, in the homepage, select the country and the city of your recipient and the website will display automatically the products offered by all available florist near your recipient’s location. Customers can pay through bank, payment centers, and PayPal and the details are disclosed in this website. The customers are also able to track the status of their order even during work or simply at home through their account at my global florist and email.  There is really nothing to be bothered and worried about the flowers because we, my global florist, have deeply evaluated the flower shop before adding into the community and we make sure that the florists have the knowledge to grow and take care of the flowers and plants.


In us, rest assured that we will gather all the florist worldwide for your convenience.